​​Eat Frozen Yogurt Once A Day, See What Happens To Your Body

Frozen yogurt, or froyo, is one of the more popular desserts out there. Fruit, candy, sprinkles… How can you resist it?

Froyo looks tempting, and has an edge over regular ice cream. Most health nuts prefer grabbing a cup of froyo over other treats. But why exactly? Well, because it’s healthier. A lot healthier!

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1. Contains good bacteria
Yogurt is the base of this creamy, tangy, sweet dessert.

2. Contains lower levels of lactose
Are you sensitive to dairy? It’s really no fun having to say no to all your favorite desserts.

3. Calcium
How are you doing calcium-wise? Have you been trying hard to up your calcium levels? A lot of people do this by drinking gallons of milk.

4. Protein
Are you a protein freak? Are you always looking for new foods to give you your protein fix? Well frozen yogurt might be the answer.

5. Low in calories
If you’re trying to get in shape, anything loaded with calories automatically makes you uncomfortable.

6. Low fat
Fat-free snacks are popular for a reason. People who are watching their heart, or trying to get in shape are always on the hunt for something low in fat. The milk used for froyo will decide whether it’s a nonfat or regular frozen yogurt.

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