10 Best Foods That Helps CONTROL Your BLOOD SUGAR

In today’s video, we’re talking about the best foods for controlling your blood sugar. What makes broccoli our top contender? Is salmon a good choice? Can you eat fruits like strawberries? We’re talking about all these AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Broccoli – 00:30
2. Salmon – 01:46
3. Rolled Oats – 02:34
4. Spinach – 02:58
5. Beans – 03:42
6. Non-fat Plain Greek Yogurt – 04:27
7. Walnuts – 05:05
8. Strawberries – 05:44
9. Lemons – 06:21
10. Quinoa – 06:53


1. Broccoli
Vegetables like broccoli are not only non-starchy, but also come packed with fiber. At the same time, they have fewer carbs. This means broccoli will not increase your blood sugar levels after your meal.

2. Salmon
If you want to control your blood sugar levels, you must eat seafood and fish at least two times a week. This is especially true in the case of salmon.

3. Rolled Oats
Rolled oats are whole grains packed with fiber. When you eat food that contains fiber, it can help reduce the speed with which carbs are absorbed in your body. This way, people who are suffering from diabetes can control their blood sugar levels.

4. Spinach
I know… Probably not your first choice, right? Well, just hear us out first! Spinach is a veggie that is not starchy, which means it can help control your blood sugar levels. One cup of spinach gives you almost 7 calories, 2 grams of carbs and almost a gram of protein.

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