10 Healthy Black Colored Foods You Must Eat

Brightly colored veggies and fruits have a lot of different health benefits. But have you ever experimented with other colors? Black-colored foods, for example, are high in anthocyanins. This is a pigment that promotes good health.

In today’s video, we’re going to show you how black-colored foods are the new health foods.

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1. Mushrooms Of The Black Forest
We’re kicking things off with a divisive one. Mushrooms aren’t for everyone. If you’re on the anti-mushroom side, hopefully this will change your mind.

2. Black Dates
Black dates could be exactly what you need to feel healthier.

3. Blackberries
I know you’re used to eating strawberries and blueberries.

4. Black Figs
Another sweet and tasty entry to the list!

5. Black Garlic
In addition to having black cloves, black garlic has a mild flavor and a more delicate, sticky mouthfeel than raw garlic.

6. Black Grapes
You’re probably used to eating fresh green grapes.

7. Black Walnuts
Be honest, when was the last time you had a walnut? Well if you’re new to eating them, try this kind first.

8. Black Sesame Seeds
Black sesame seeds are particularly high in minerals.

9. Black Olives
This is another choice that is bound to split viewers into two categories.

10. Black Rice
In ancient China, black rice was seen as so unique and nutritious, it was forbidden to anyone except royalty.

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