10 Healthy Foods That Are HIGH In Vitamin D You Must Eat

It is important to meet the daily requirement of vitamin D, which often gets overlooked. If you’ve been experiencing regular dizziness, have pale, yellow skin, or feeling extremely tired then you may be running low on this one essential vitamin.

Salmon? Mushrooms? How does fortified food help? All this and more! Today we will be talking about all the foods that are rich in Vitamin D.

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Salmon – 01:09
Cod Liver Oil – 01:48
Mushrooms – 02:25
Fortified Foods – 03:05
Egg yolk – 03:38
Herring – 04:10
Sardine – 04:44
Canned Tuna – 05:30
Beef Liver – 05:59
Fortified Orange Juice – 06:30


1. Salmon
Let’s start by talking about the king of fish. Salmon is a popular fatty fish that serves as an awesome source of the sunshine vitamin.

2. Cod Liver Oil
Do you know that cod liver oil has been used as a joint pain reliever for centuries. Cod liver oil is a dietary supplement that is derived from the liver of cod fish. Although it is a fish oil, cod liver is different because it’s derived from the liver, which is a nutrition rich organ.

3. Mushrooms
Mushrooms are delicious, earthy and wholesome additions to any meal. The benefits of mushrooms are an ever expanding subject which ranges from curing certain cancers to being an antidepressant.

4. Fortified Food
Fortified food is food that has nutrients added that are not naturally present in them. The purpose of these kinds of food is to provide complete nutrition and health benefits.

6. Herring
Canned, raw, smoked or pickled, herring is versatile and delicious!

7. Sardines
Big things come in small packages and this holds true for sardines. Having been around for ages and originating from sardinia, Italy, these teeny tiny fish have surprisingly high nutritional value. Falling in the category of fatty fish – sardines are also packed with Vitamin D.

8. Canned Tuna
Canned tuna packs some serious vitamin D. Although fresh tuna has the most nutrients, getting it canned is convenient and does not interfere much with the nutritional value. When eaten in moderation, it provides the body with rich and natural essential vitamins.

9. Beef Liver
Red meat like beef is a hot favorite for every foodie. When it comes to gaining vitamin D this may not seem like the most traditional way. Contrary to popular belief, organs of red meat like liver contain a good amount of vitamin D plus other helpful nutrients like iron, protein and vitamin A.

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