10 Healthy Omega 6-Rich Foods You Should Be Eating

Have you heard about “omega fatty acids?” They may sound mystical but they’re a necessity for your body. People usually focus on getting Omega 3 fatty acids and forget about Omega 6s.
Omega 6s are often defamed for being unhealthy. But really, your body needs a balance of both Omega 3s and 6s.

In today's video let's discuss healthy foods rich in Omega 6s that you should be eating. Are walnuts on the list? What about sunflower and hemp seeds? We’re discussing all that and more.

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Intro – 0:00
How often do you buy safflower oil? – 02:16
Moving along, next on our list walnuts – 02:56
It's a great vegetarian alternative to meat – 03:46
Looking for some no-fuss crunchy snacks? – 04:29
Want to go nuts over more nuts? – 05:06
The egg carton at the back of your fridge packs a lot of Omega 6? – 06:01
Highly recommended omega 6 rich food is hemp seeds – 06:33
something more common to add crunch and texture to your salad? – 07:25
Let's look at a very special cooking oil – 08:11
cooking oil that is making the rounds these days is avocado oil – 08:37


How often do you buy safflower oil?
This oil is serious competition for olive oil and coconut oil. One tablespoon will contain about 12 grams of Omega 6.

Moving along, next on our list: walnuts!
These brain-shaped nuts enjoy the glorious reputation of being loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids. But it is a lesser-known fact that they are also rich in Omega 6s.

You guessed it, we're talking about tofu!
It also goes by the name bean curd. It's made of soy milk after the milk curdles. The coagulated solids are separated from the liquid and pressed into blocks. 1 cup of Tofu will have 6 grams of Omega 6s.

Try a handful of Almonds.
1 Oz contains about 3 grams of omega 6. You can use almond flour, almond milk, and even almond butter in your recipes. But the best way to eat them is raw or toasted.

Want to go nuts over more nuts? Let's try some pine nuts.
A fistful of pine nuts contains 10 grams of Omega 6. The harvesting of these nuts is very tedious which makes them very expensive.

Moving ahead did you know that the egg carton at the back of your fridge packs a lot of Omega 6?
One egg will contain almost 2 grams of Omega 6. If you usually discard the yolk then this might encourage you to eat it.

The next highly recommended omega 6 rich food is hemp seeds.
We know what you're thinking, but these seeds will in no way get you high. They are related to the marijuana plant but they don't have a lot of THC, which is responsible for making you feel dreamy.

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