10 Natural Ways To Manage Your Hypothyroidism For Better Overall Health

Imagine a small, butterfly-shaped gland in your neck having a huge impact on your health. We’re talking about your thyroid gland. It influences your hormones, metabolism, menstrual cycle, hair growth, and more. When your thyroid gland struggles to produce enough thyroid hormone, you get hypothyroidism. This can happen due to chronic stress, poor diet, or even gut issues. Luckily, you do a lot to improve your thyroid function naturally.

In today’s video, we’ll talk about natural ways to manage hypothyroidism. Should you reduce the amount of sugar you eat? Can probiotics help? We’ll talk about all of these AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Reduce sugar – 00:44
Include probiotics in your diet – 03:09
Keeping your stress under control – 04:17
Gluten-free diet – 04:457
Including foods rich in iodine – 06:10
Get some help from acupuncture – 06:59
Medication – 07:31
Selenium – 08:04
Getting enough vitamin B – 09:08
Exercise – 09:43


Reduce sugar
We’re starting off with a tricky one. For most of us, sugar is a part of our daily routine. From the moment we wake up, it’s like we’re pumping it into ourselves.

Include probiotics in your diet
Your gut has the highest amount of thyroid hormones in your body. When your gut has a good quantity of healthy bacteria, they’re able to convert the required hormones.

Keeping your stress under control
If you’re stressed on a regular basis, that can act as a trigger for your hypothyroidism. It can cause the symptoms to flare up. It’s necessary to make sure you keep your stress under control.

Gluten-free diet
This is a great way to manage your hypothyroidism. Many people suffering from hypothyroidism have seen their symptoms ease up after changing to a gluten-free diet.

Including foods rich in iodine
Iodine is an important mineral for producing the thyroid hormone in your body. Most people’s diets usually don’t have enough iodine. One way to get more is by using iodine supplements.

Get some help from acupuncture
Acupuncture has been a traditional form of medicine used in China for centuries. It involves inserting thin needles at various strategic locations in your body.

One of the medicines you can use to treat hypothyroidism is a low dose of naltrexone. This particular medication is usually given to people dealing with addiction issues.

Experts suggest the trace element selenium also plays an important role in metabolizing your thyroid hormone.

Getting enough vitamin B
Hypothyroidism affects the level of vitamin B-12 in your body. This is also one of the reasons why you feel tired when you have thyroid related issues.

Be honest, how much physical activity do you fit into your week? Exercise is another good method to deal with thyroid imbalance.

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