10 Reasons Why Coffee And Not Tea Should Be Your Go To Morning Drink

Does it help you focus better? Can it be a pre workout morning drink? Does it really burn fat? In today’s video we will be talking about all this and more! Stay tuned till the end to learn about some shocking benefits of drinking coffee over tea in the morning.

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Intro – 0:00
Improve energy levels – 00:48
Better focus – 01:23
Can help burn fat – 01:53
Lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes – 02:25
Perfect pre workout drink – 02:58
Packed with essential nutrients – 03:25
Helps reduce pain – 03:57
Makes you happier – 04:26
Improves physical performance – 04:53
Protects from alzheimer’s – 05:26

1. Reduces iron absorption – 06:12
2. Increases stress and anxiety – 06:40
3. Causes heartburn – 07:06
4. May cause headache and dizziness – 07:33


1. Improve energy levels
Let’s start off with one of the most popular reasons why people drink coffee. It gives a boost of energy! This is also the reason why it is a famous mid morning pick-me-up drink. The reason why you feel super energized is because coffee is packed with caffeine which gets absorbed into the bloodstream. On reaching the brain, caffeine gives a kick to the production of the ‘feel good’ hormone or dopamine. This dopamine kick improves several aspects of brain activity like memory, mood, vigilance, energy levels and general mental function.

2. Better focus
Do you have to wake up early and get to it? Having a cup of coffee instead of tea will not just wake you right up but will also help focus better. All thanks to caffeine! It acts as a mild stimulant getting the central nervous system active.

3. Can help burn fat
Looking to lose a couple of pounds? Do you rely on fat burners to cut out those extra kilos? No more! You’ll be surprised to learn that caffeine is an active ingredient in most fat burning supplements. And all for good reason!

4. Lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes
Do you know that over 30 million Americans have diabetes, this means one in every 10 people is dealing with this disease. This is a major health concern not only in the US but all over the world.

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