10 Reasons Your Joints Hurt All the Time

Are you waking up to a dull ache in your legs? Just walking up a couple flights of stairs can kill your knees. This is due to joint pain.

Joint pain can severely impact your ability to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. From long walks to vacations, everything becomes a challenge. But why do you get joint pain? Ever wondered about this? In today’s video, we’ll be talking about 10 possible reasons your joints hurt all the time, according to doctors.

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Intro – 0:00
Getting Older – 00:35
Old Injuries – 01:37
Bursitis – 02:27
Thyroid Issues – 03:15
Rheumatoid Arthritis – 03:46
Infectious (septic) Arthritis – 04:44
Gout – 05:24
Lyme Disease – 06:10
Lupus – 06:55
Gonorrhea – 07:26


1. Getting Older
Joint pain is not uncommon. According to a survey, around 30% of US adults report having some form of joint pain over the last 30 days. Experts define joint pain as the discomfort experienced around one or more joints.

2. Old Injuries
How many of your were constantly breaking bones as kids? When you're younger, injuries don't seem like much of a problem.

3. Bursitis
As your bone is a rough, hard tissue, it can cause harm if it comes in direct with other body parts.

4. Thyroid Issues
Your thyroid is the small gland present in the front of your neck. It makes the hormones that manage the way your body uses energy.

5. Rheumatoid Arthritis
When you grow old, the wear and tear of your joints results in osteoarthritis. But rheumatoid arthritis is a different issue.

6. Infectious (septic) Arthritis
If it's not rheumatoid arthritis causing your joint pain, it could very well be infectious arthritis.

7. Gout
While protein is a very important nutrient for your body, consuming too much of it is also not a good thing.

8. Lyme Disease
More than 30,000 people every year are reportedly bitten by the tick that causes lyme disease.

9. Lupus
If you suffer from the autoimmune disease lupus, your joints will get weakened.

10. Gonorrhea
Yes, gonorrhea is an STI, but it does more to your body than what you'd expect from an infection of its kind.

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