10 Scary Side Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

You've probably already heard that the ideal amount of sleep is from 7 to 9 hours a night, in order to receive all of sleep's benefits. Theoretically, this seems easy enough, but it's actually quite hard for some people.

We can lose sleep due to several things, from stress and anxiety to health problems, medications and excessive caffeine. Sleeping badly for one night might seem inoffensive, but when it becomes a habit, it could have serious consequences, and affect much more that just your energy levels and mood.
Here are the consequences that lack of sleep can have on your body:

Alzheimer’s Disease
Immune system
Cardiovascular system
Mental Capacity
Weight Gain
Eye Health

In order to improve the quality of your sleep, find a mattress and bed spread that are right for you. You should also try and sleep in total darkness. Room temperature is also important: it should around 68 to 72 degrees, which is considered to be a mild temperature.


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