10 Secret Reasons Why Playing Video Games Is Good For Your Brain

From improving our memory and problem-solving skills, to enhancing our mood and social skills. We’ll discuss all this AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Improve Your Memory – 00:50
Enhance Your Mood – 02:17
Helps You Learn – 03:01
Sharpens Your Problem Solving Skills – 03:46
Keeps Your Brain Young – 04:53
Improves Your Social Skills – 05:38
Improves Decision Making – 06:46


1. Improve Your Memory
Several video games require serious strategy and focus. Anyone who’s created their own civilization in Minecraft, or fought for their lives in Fortnite would know the importance of remembering where certain resources are located, or where to go next.

2. Enhance Your Mood
Playing video games is also a great way to relax. A study found that short, simple games like Angry Birds can improve a person's mood and make them happier. Certain video games can also have therapeutic value. When gamers are fully immersed in the digital world, they’re not as worried about life’s problems. Video games are the perfect way to free your brain from anxiety and stress.

3. Helps You Learn
Studies show that game-based learning can increase our perception, reasoning and critical thinking.

4. Sharpens Your Problem Solving Skills
Video games involving strategy will challenge our brains. This kind of virtual problem solving is a good way to overcome obstacles in real life. A study found that teenagers who’ve played strategic video games have better problem-solving skills, as well as better grades in school.

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