10 Signs That Someone Needs a Parasite Cleansing

In today's video, you will see the 10 signs that someone needs a parasite cleansing in their body.

In a recent video, we taught you how to use papaya seeds as a natural dewormer. Did you watch it?

Did you know that intestinal worms are more common than we imagine?

According to a paper published by Clinical Microbiology Reviews, we are like a virtual zoo of microscopic flora and fauna.

The report reveals that an average man can host up to 300 parasitic worms and 70 species of protozoans.

Along millions of years of human evolution, some worms came from primordial ancestors and other animals.

Not all microbes are parasitic, meaning they steal blood and nutrition from your system. Some of these tiny organisms are harmless.

However, intestinal worms can cause diseases and other health conditions if not treated, for example:

0:00 Signs you have a parasitic infection
0:56 Anemia
1:12 Changes in Appetite
1:43 Digestive issues
2:04 Teeth Grinding
2:21 Unusual Fatigue
2:41 Food Poisoning
2:57 Muscle and Joint Aches
3:13 Interrupted Sleep
3:30 Digestive Issues During a Trip
3:45 Skin Conditions

Although many people are disgusted by this theme, intestinal worms are common and harmful if not treated.

Talk to your doctor about these and other ways of diagnosing and eliminating parasites from your digestive system.



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