10 Signs You’re Having A Panic Attack

Is your daily schedule making you stressed? This can make your mind wander into really unhealthy areas. Over 11% of American adults experience a panic attack at least once a year. At this rate, you’re going to need to know the symptoms. Let’s talk about some of them today.

Do you have this constant feeling of danger? Are you getting chills out of nowhere? Are you having trouble breathing? We’re talking all that AND more, so stay tuned.

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Intro – 0:00
Shortness of breath – 00:27
Sudden chills – 01:29
Hot flashes – 01:58
Extreme sweating – 02:25
Really bad chest pain – 03:06
Fear of losing control – 03:55
Bad headaches – 04:46
Numbness or tingling – 05:25
Abdominal pain and digestive problems – 06:16
Sudden dizziness – 07:09


Shortness of breath
Have you ever been so stressed out, you have trouble breathing? This is common for people living with panic attacks. What’s especially scary is that it will happen out of the blue.

Sudden chills
Your body does a lot of weird things when you’re stressed. If you’re having a panic attack, it’s pretty common to also feel a weird chill run through your body.

Hot flashes
It’s not just cold temperature that hits your body. Panic attacks can also give you hot flashes. This is again due to your body’s fight-or-flight response.

Extreme sweating
A rise in your body’s temperature can cause you to start sweating. I’m not just talking about one or two drops of sweat beating from your forehead. A panic attack can make you feel like your body’s completely soaked.

Really bad chest pain
There are few things scarier than unexplained chest pains. Like shortness of breath, it can happen out of nowhere. All you need is to be just a little worked up, and you’ll start feeling that tension.

Fear of losing control
Let’s get into some of the mental effects of panic attacks. One of the reasons you’re here in the first place is because you’re constantly anxious. You have this lingering fear of something going wrong. You just can’t put your finger on it.

Bad headaches
Fear and confusion are not the only things that happen to your brain during an attack. You’ll probably have a headache as well. Headaches are bad enough when you generally feel okay. A headache during a panic attack is a whole different ball game.

Numbness or tingling
Feeling extreme pain is one thing, but how about when you don’t feel anything at all? Panic attacks can bring on sudden numbness. You feel nothing in these moments. It’s almost as if certain body parts have fallen asleep.

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