10 Warning Signs You May Have Prostate Cancer

It’s time to get into a subject nobody wants to tackle, prostate cancer. Did you know that 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime? The United States alone projects over 260,000 new cases this year alone. Luckily, there are signs. Let’s talk about some of them today…

Does it burn when you pee? Are you losing control of your bladder? Wait, is there blood in your urine? We’re talking all that AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Blood In Your Urine – 00:29
Leaky Pee – 01:40
Urinate Sitting Down – 02:23
Bathroom Trips Have Doubled – 02:53
Pain In Your Rectum – 03:57
Hard Time Stopping Your Pee – 04:55
Peeing As Much – 05:31
Lower Back, Hips, Pelvis Or Thighs – 06:16
Smell Of Urine – 7:33
High PSA Count – 08:00


Blood In Your Urine
When you go to the bathroom, do you ever get paranoid that you’re going to find blood in the toilet? It’s a thought that’s gotta cross your mind every now and then, especially as you get older.

Leaky Pee
This description might sound humorous, but it’s anything but. Also known as urinary incontinence, leaky pee can happen when there is stress placed on the bladder.

Urinate Sitting Down
If you’re experiencing extreme pain in your prostate region, it’s going to be hard to pee standing up. The pain in your pelvis has become so overwhelming, standing is a task. As a result, you’re going to feel like you have no choice but to sit on the toilet and do your business.

Bathroom Trips Have Doubled
Are you finding yourself rushing to the bathroom out of nowhere? We all have those moments, but if you’re urinating more frequently than usual, you may need to get your prostate checked out.

Pain In Your Rectum
Prostate cancer can cause rectal pain. Mind you, it’s more common after you’ve had surgery. If you’re experiencing endless pain in your rectal area, it could be a sign of undiagnosed prostate cancer.

Hard Time Stopping Your Pee
Let’s just say when you have prostate cancer, peeing is going to be a lot harder than it used to be. Aside from all the extra trips to the toilet, as well as blood in the urine, you may have difficulty stopping yourself from urinating.

Peeing As Much
While prostate cancer can increase the amount of times you urinate, it can actually work the opposite way as well.

There's Pain In Your Lower Back, Hips, Pelvis Or Thighs
Not all symptoms deal with urine and the rectum. Prostate cancer comes with extreme pain in the bones. This pain is the most common in the pelvis area, lower back and upper thighs. This happens when things get really bad.

Smell Of Urine
If you have prostate cancer, don’t be surprised if you notice a really gross odor coming from your underwear. It’s pee! It will usually come late at night after you undress yourself for bed. If it’s particularly strong, you may even get a whiff during the day.

High PSA Count
You probably don’t know this, but all men have small levels of a specific antigen in their blood. These are known as Prostate Specific Antigens, or PSA. While a small level of these PSA is common, a large amount could point towards prostate cancer.

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