10 Ways To Boost Your Hormones When You’re In A Bad Mood

In today’s video, we’re going to discuss your hormones, how they impact your mood, and what to do about them. From getting sunlight, to taking supplements, we’re talking all that AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
How do hormones impact your mood? – 00:29
1. Go Outside – 01:57
2. Exercise – 02:24
3. Laughing With Friends – 02:54
4. Cooking a Meal With Loved Ones – 03:18
5. Supplements – 03:46
6. Music – 04:24
7. Meditation – 04:47
8. A Romantic Evening – 05:10
9. Pet Your Dog – 05:35
10. A Good Night’s Sleep – 05:59


How do hormones impact your mood?

Hormones help keep you in a good mood. These are chemicals produced from various glands in your body. These hormones pass through your bloodstream and act as messengers.

There are certain hormones that are particularly helpful with regulating mood. There are some that can even be classified as “happy hormones”. These promote feelings of positivity. There are four main hormones that help make you happy.

Dopamine, for example, is referred to as the “feel-good” hormone. This hormone is a neurotransmitter linked with sensations of pleasure. Dopamine works as a reward system, lifting your mood.

Serotonin is another hormone that has a similar impact to dopamine. It works by stabilizing your mood and making you feel happy. This hormone impacts your entire body, and helps with things like sleep and digestion.
Oxytocin is referred to as the “love hormone”. This creates a strong bond between a parent and child. Oxytocin also builds trust and empathy in our relationships. It also increases the amount of physical affection you show, like kissing and cuddling.

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