11 Body Parts That Say A Lot About You

Are you one of those people who stands in the mirror obsessing over the size of your muscles? There’s a lot you can learn about someone’s appearance. In today’s video, we’ll discuss what the shapes of your body parts say about your personality.

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Intro – 0:00
The Lips – 00:22
Color Of The Eyes – 01:45
Discoloured Fingernails – 03:03
The shape of the nose – 03:50
Your Height – 04:50
The Appearance Of Your Fingers – 05:40
The Shape Of The Eyes – 06:16
The Appearance Of The Hands – 06:59
The Shape Of The Face – 07:46
The Legs – 08:22
Cheekbones – 08:43


1. The Lips
The lips control your grin. Research states that a beautiful smile is determined not only by teeth, but also the framing of the lips.

2. Color Of The Eyes
“The eyes are the doorway to your soul.” William Shakespeare said that.

3. Discoloured Fingernails
This may show that you're suffering from undiagnosed health issues.

4. The shape of the nose
There are different forms of noses, but every nose is unique in its own way.

5. Your Height
Height is one of the characteristics that influence lifespan.

6. The Appearance Of Your Fingers
Have you ever noticed that your ring finger is longer than your index, or vice versa? According to research, the length of your fingers indicates the quantities of testosterone you were exposed to as a fetus in the uterus.

7. The Shape Of The Eyes
You can tell whether someone is happy, sad, emotional, or furious by lookig at them directly, but you can't know what personality qualities they have.

8. The Appearance Of The Hands
Your hands continuously do things for you.

9. The Shape Of The Face
The human face has an extremely complex structure that may reveal a lot about an individual's social and personal functions.

10. The Legs
According to one study, if fat has stopped forming in your thighs, it might be a symptoms of poor metabolism.

11. Cheekbones
Defined cheekbones are regarded as one of the most appealing aspects of the face.

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