11 Genuine Ways Anyone Can Be Charming

Who would you rather be with? Someone ultra successful but rude, or someone who’s polite, modest and charming? The majority of us would want to be with someone charming, right? But how do you become charming? Can trying too hard make you seem creepy? In today’s video, we’ll talk about ways to become charming.

Should you be agreeable? How can you develop social skills? Why does name dropping have a negative impact on your image? Why shouldn't you be afraid to be a little vulnerable? We’ll talk about all of these AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Look for a way to agree – 00:34
Great social skills – 01:29
No name dropping – 03:05
Don’t be afraid to be a little vulnerable – 03:49
Admit mistakes – 04:26
Remember names – 05:14
They’re genuinely happy to meet you – 06:09
The power of touch – 06:42
They pass the waiter test – 07:17
Talk less, listen more – 07:53
They’re happy and optimistic – 08:21


Look for a way to agree
What kind of conversationalist are you? Do you find yourself arguing a lot? I’m afraid this is killing your vibe, my friend. If you want to be charming, you have to find a way to agree with people.

Great social skills
So many of us think social skills mean holding an audience’s attention. While that is one part of it, there’s another side to it. You also should encourage the rest of your group to talk as well.

No name dropping
We all have at least one friend who cannot stop talking about the time they met a particular celebrity. Some people have a tendency to drop the names of popular people into conversations as a way to get attention. This gets irritating pretty quickly.

Don’t be afraid to be a little vulnerable
Most of us want to keep our vulnerabilities hidden. When you meet someone, your first instinct would be to talk about your success rather than your failures. But charming people don’t worry about showing their vulnerabilities.

Admit mistakes
Another characteristic of charming people is their ability to admit any mistakes they may have made. Even if that means they’re a laughing stock for others, they’re fine with it. If anything, they join in on the laughter.

Remember names
How many times have you met a person for a second or third time, but can’t remember their name? It happens to most of us. It can get a bit embarrassing asking them their name again. It gets even more uncomfortable when you continue the relationship without knowing. Believe me, it happens.

They’re genuinely happy to meet you
When you first meet a person, you’re likely smiling just for the sake of being polite. Unless you’re meeting with some close friends, most meetings are formalities you simply have to go through. But that’s not how charming people do things.

The power of touch
Touching people in an undesired way is a big no-no, especially in a way that’s sexual or percieved as sexual.

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