11 Healthy Ways To Improve Gut Health Naturally

You all must have heard of the importance of keeping your gut healthy. A healthy gut can keep your digestion smooth, and keep you away from a host of nasty diseases. Our gut houses a large microbiome filled with bacteria that aid in properly digesting the food we eat.

Some foods and habits help maintain a healthy gut microbiome, while others can destroy our gut health. Today we’ll discuss habits and practices that can help naturally improve your gut health.

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Intro – 0:00
Smoking – 0:34
Watch Your Alcohol Intake – 1:14
Diversity In Your Diet – 2:24
Antibiotic Abuse – 3:21
Reduce Stress – 4:32
Probiotics – 5:20
Eat Fruits, Vegetables, And Legumes – 5:49
Prebiotics – 6:32
Foods Rich In Polyphenols – 7:06
Whole Grains – 7:57
Fermented Foods – 8:42


Smoking is terrible for your gut health.
Some habits and certain lifestyle choices can be detrimental to our overall digestive health, and certain habits create a lot of bacteria in our gut, such as smoking.

Watch your alcohol intake.
Alcohol consumption, especially excessive consumption, can be harmful to your gut.

Not having diversity in your diet is terrible for your gut.
A balanced and diverse diet is necessary if we need to promote our gut health.

Antibiotic abuse prevents a healthy gut.
Antibiotics are life-saving medications that have an essential place in our civilization.

Reduce stress to improve gut health.
Excess stress is another major killer of gut microbiota. A stressed body can lead to decreased blood flow to the gut, which can kill most of the bacteria in the gut and invariably after the gut microbiota for the worse.

Probiotics = a healthy gut
Perhaps the easiest and the most efficient way to improve gut healthy is by incorporating probiotics to your diet.

Eat fruits, vegetables, and legumes.
Fruits, vegetables, and legumes are fiber-rich foods. Consuming fiber-rich foods leads to an increase in the number of beneficial gut bacteria.

Prebiotics are a must.
Prebiotic foods promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria. They are foods that break down through the bacteria in our gut.

Foods rich in polyphenols to keep your gut clean and robust.
Polyphenols are plant-based micronutrients digested by our gut bacteria.

Eating whole grains.
Whole grains are a rich source of fiber, and fiber is essential for the microbiomes in your gut.

Fermented foods make your gut strong
Fermented foods are another excellent source of healthy gut bacteria. Fermented foods are mostly complex sugars that break down into simpler sugars by yeast or bacteria.

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