11 High Iron Foods That Aren’t Meat You Must Eat

Red meat, shellfish, regular fish, poultry, and eggs are definitely some of the richest sources of iron. But what if you’re on a plant-based diet? Does this mean vegetarians and vegans have to be iron deficient? Certainly not!

There are non-meat iron sources that vegans and vegetarians can rely on to get their daily iron fix. In today’s video, we’ll be talking about high-iron foods that aren’t just meat.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Leafy greens – 00:34
2. Potatoes – 01:47
3. Oats – 02:34
4. Dark chocolate – 03:01
5. Quinoa – 03:43
6. Prune Juice – 04:18
7. Mushrooms – 04:51
8. Tomato paste – 05:15
9. Olives – 05:55
10. Beans and peas – 06:21
11. Pumpkin seeds – 07:17


1. Leafy greens
Your body cannot make iron. That’s why you need to get it from your food. If you’re an adult, you’ll need 8 to 18 milligrams of iron every day.

2. Potatoes
Potatoes form an important part of most diets around the world. One advantage of eating potatoes is that they’re packed with iron.

3. Oats
Oats are so tasty, and can easily be added to your diet.

4. Dark chocolate
Chocolate is usually not seen as a food that’s good for your health.

5. Quinoa
Quinoa has become a popular breakfast meal lately, thanks to the awesome health benefits it has to offer.

6. Prune Juice
Prune juice is commonly used for people who need a laxative effect.

7. Mushrooms
Even if all mushrooms aren’t the same, certain varieties are packed with iron.

8. Tomato paste
When you eat raw tomatoes, you get very little iron. But that’s not the case with dried tomatoes.

9. Olives
Olives are part of a lot of recipes, and they’re even eaten as a side dish or a starter.

10. Beans and peas
Our parents tried very hard to make us eat beans and peas growing up.

11. Pumpkin seeds
They’re loaded with nutrients, and are a super great snack you can munch on when those hunger pangs kick in.

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