11 Impressive Health Benefits Of Cinnamon Tea

Do you love drinking tea? If you like trying different teas, you’re going to like cinnamon tea. It isn’t just delicious, it’s also awesome for your health. This includes helping you lose weight.

In today’s video, we’ll talk about the impressive health benefits of cinnamon tea. Can it help bring down your blood sugar levels? Is it true cinnamon tea is great for reducing menstrual cramps? What about its impact on inflammation in your body? We’ll be talking about all of these AND more. Let’s get started…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Brings down blood sugar levels – 00:29
2. Reduces menstrual cramps and related symptoms – 00:59
3. Reduces inflammation – 01:33
4. Helps reduce weight – 02:21
5. Protects against bacteria and fungi – 02:59
6. Packed with antioxidants – 03:46
7. May help with killing cancer cells – 04:23
8. May fight against brain disease – 05:04
9. Helps slow skin aging – 05:35
10. Reduces acne – 06:10
11. Is easily included in your diet – 06:40


1. Brings down blood sugar levels
One of the advantages of cinnamon is it can help bring down your blood sugar levels. Cinnamon can have the same effect as insulin, by moving all the sugar into your tissues and away from your bloodstream.

2. Reduces menstrual cramps and related symptoms
Drinking cinnamon tea can help you deal with menstrual symptoms such as PMS and nausea. While cinnamon may not completely get rid of these conditions, it will allow you to tolerate it more than you usually would…

3. Reduces inflammation
The compounds present in cinnamon can also help reduce the markers related to inflammation. This can be beneficial as inflammation is responsible for many chronic diseases, including heart disease.

4. Helps reduce weight
Cinnamon tea is one of the beverages recommended for people who are following a weight loss program. There have been various studies that show how consuming cinnamon can help with both weight loss, as well as a reduction in waist size.

5. Protects against bacteria and fungi
Cinnamon also comes with properties that can help fight bacteria and fungi. There are common bacteria such as Salmonella and E.coli that are responsible for causing illnesses among people. They are even fatal.

6. Packed with antioxidants
One of the main benefits of drinking cinnamon tea is that it’s packed with antioxidants. These are compounds that can help fight the free radicals present in your body. If there are too many free radicals, they can cause oxidative stress on your cells. This can cause diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

7. May help with killing cancer cells
Cancer is one of the biggest causes of death around the world. With the various lifestyle changes in today’s culture, cancer has become even deadlier. Cinnamon may have properties that help fight off cancer in the body.

8. May fight against brain disease
Alzheimer’s disease is one that is commonly seen among people as they get older. It’s a disease that wipes out memory and can also cause you to lose many mental functions.

9. Helps slow skin aging
We all get older. It’s just a fact of life. But we can still make choices that will allow us to age gracefully. One of these choices can be to drink more cinnamon tea.

10. Reduces acne
Another skin-related advantage of eating cinnamon is that it can help fight off acne. This particular condition is caused by oil and dead cells getting plugged in the hair follicles on your skin. Acne usually results in pimples and blackheads.

11. Is easily included in your diet
Cinnamon tea is very easy to make and you can include it in your diet without having to make any crazy changes. It can be had at any temperature.

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