11 Plants To Get Rid Of Bugs, Insects, Mice In Your Home

In today’s video, we’ll talk about 11 pest-repellant plants. Lavender and marigolds are top choices. But why? What makes lemon thyme and rosemary good for your home? We’ll be discussing all of these AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Lavender – 00:28
2. Marigolds – 01:49
3. Catnip – 02:41
4. Chrysanthemums – 03:47
5. Lemongrass – 04:14
6. Mint – 04:47
7. Petunias – 05:24
8. Rosemary – 05:53
9. Lemon thyme – 06:20
10. Nasturtiums – 06:42
11. Basil – 07:04


1. Lavender
Well, lavender smells nice! It only makes sense to have this lovely plant inside your house. But can it really repel pests? Gross bugs are attracted to nice smells. But you’ll be surprised to know lavender can in fact scare off mice, moths and beetles. While you’ll probably like the scent of lavender, these bugs find it irritating and keep away from it.

2. Marigolds
Marigolds have long been used as a repellent for a number of pests. If you have squash or tomato plants in your garden, you will find a lot of pests settling there. Planting marigolds will help keep them away.

3. Catnip
While cats adore catnip, most pests hate it. It’s especially good against mosquitos. You can use the plant leaves to make a spray or rub them directly on your skin so that mosquitos won’t want to take a bite out of you.

4. Chrysanthemums
Chrysanthemums are great for repelling pests. They can get rid of lice, ants, ticks and roaches. They can even help keep out bed bugs. This is because chrysanthemums produce a neurotoxin, which insects absolutely hate. Most insecticides you find on the market have the same neurotoxin.

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