11 Proven Ways To Improve Blood Flow To Legs And Feet

Do you always get ice-cold feet even when there’s no actual drop in temperature? Or are your feet always swollen like air-filled balloons? Frequent cramps, numbness, slow healing wounds, and spider veins are indicators of sluggish blood flow in your legs.

In today's video, we’ll be discussing ways to improve blood flow to your feet and legs. How important is it to manage your blood pressure? Do you need to wear compression stockings? What about quitting smoking? Let's discuss all this and more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Watch your weight – 00:33
2. Ditch the couch – 01:11
3. Massage – 02:13
4. Use foam rollers – 03:08
5. Keep your legs elevated – 03:44
6. Practice relaxation techniques – 04:33
7. Stretch – 05:07
8. Wear compression stockings – 05:50
9. Eat healthily – 06:39
10. Quit tobacco, alcohol and caffeine – 07:35
11. Keep your feet warm – 08:10


1. Watch your weight
Your feet bear the weight of your entire body the whole day. If you are overweight they will be constantly under stress when you walk or stand up.

2. Ditch the couch
Are you scared to begin your exercise routine? Remember that a quick walk even for a minute is better than sitting on the couch watching TV.

3. Massage
In extreme cases of faulty circulation, your feet may turn red, blue, purple, or pale white. If it continues for a prolonged time you may have Raynaud’s disease.

4. Use foam rollers
Any muscle soreness can stagnate the blood flow. Using a foam roller can push the blood ahead and restore its usual good circulation.

5. Keep your legs elevated
Good circulation means abundant blood supply of oxygenated blood to the organs via arteries and their backflow from the organs to the heart via veins. Swollen veins or spider veins can lead to varicosities.

6. Practice relaxation techniques
There are just so many ways to get rid of stress and enter a new realm of positivity.

7. Stretch
If you are not comfortable moving your body into yoga pretzel-like poses then simple stretching could be your forte.

8. Wear compression stockings
Your blood has to be in healthy rotation whether it is in the arteries or veins.

9. Eat healthily
Is your regular dinner a pizza and a can of soda? You should be eating food from all groups like fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds, fish, meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products to get the maximum from your food.

10. Quit tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine
Smoking increases the fatty deposits causing coronary artery disease. Secondary smoking could also be dangerous.

11. Keep your feet warm
Extremely cold temperatures can worsen the situation. It's important to keep yourself protected from extreme temperatures, especially during the winter.

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