11 Romantic Gestures To Make Your Relationship Stronger Than Ever

Relationships are complicated and taking the time to nourish one doesn't require expensive things. It is the small things that count to fill up each other emotionally. These things remind your partner that they’re loved.

In today's video let's discuss a few romantic gestures that can make your relationship stronger than ever.

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Intro – 0:00
Small kind gestures – 00:24
Be all ears – 01:15
Spend some time apart – 02:15
Shower them with compliments – 02:45
Call instead of texting – 03:07
Take up a new activity together – 03:46
Establish some physical contact – 04:15
Go to bed Angry if you have to – 04:47
Make date nights special – 05:26
Joke around – 05:56
Be their greatest cheerleader – 06:27


1. Small kind gestures
It does not matter what stage of a relationship you’re in, reminding your partner that you are invested works wonders.

2. Be all ears
We all have our own set of problems. You might dump all your issues on your partner and then forget to ask what's happening with their life.

3. Spend some time apart
Healthy solitude can be a nice refresher in your relationship.

4. Shower them with compliments
Who doesn't like being complimented? But when you feel that your life is on repeat, doling out compliments can sometimes take a backseat.

5. Call instead of texting
Let's admit that all of us text…a lot. It's a quick way to reach someone and get things done. It may be your main form of communication.

6. Take up a new activity together
It's not always sunshine and rainbows in a relationship.

7. Establish some physical contact
Embrace your loved one before you head out to work. Instead of just saying see you in the evening, giving a hug will brighten your partner's day. A peck on the cheek would be even better.

8. Go to bed Angry if you have to
Every couple has differences of opinion and their share of arguments. Anger and aggression should be kept in check.

9. Make date nights special
Eating pizza on a Saturday evening might be your ritual, but it can get pretty boring if it’s the same old thing all the time.

10. Joke around
What is a relationship without a few laughs? Sense of humor is a must in any relationship. You can be your own silly self around your partner without the fear of being judged.

11. Be their greatest cheerleader
It takes effort to keep the romance alive. Having the right partner can work as a mood elevator. Make sure you celebrate small achievements and cheer them up after a rough day.

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