11 Simple Exercises That Will Improve Your Posture Quickly

Your personality can instantly attract people, but did you know your body language plays an important role, too? You will be judged on your looks in the first few seconds of someone meeting you. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. A sluggish posture can bring on some serious health problems from neck pain to tight back muscles, respiratory problems, and headaches.

In today's video, we are discussing exercises that can help you stand taller and healthier. Do you think planking would help? What about that wall exercise? We're discussing all that and more…

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But how do you know if your posture is bad? Let's do a quick posture check…
A simple visual examination will help. Stand in front of your mirror and have a good look at your physique.

Can't wait to check out the exercises? Then grab a pair of joggers and your mat and let's get started with the child's pose…
Mommies might recognize this pose from their prenatal yoga classes. It's not just for pregnant people. Child's pose is so relaxing and therapeutic that your body will crave for more.

Want to mix up this exercise?
Try the forward fold! Stand comfortably on your mat. Set your feet hip-width apart. Roll your shoulders back and down and place your hands on your waist.

Want to try something challenging? Let's do some planks!
Planks are great for your core muscles, back, and shoulders. They increase your overall fitness too. Get on all fours. Remember to avoid caving the shoulders. Your thumbs should be exactly under your shoulders. Don't relax your belly while planking.

Still want to double up the challenge? Then why don't you try some side planks?
It's the ultimate package for developing balance and aligning the spine with the legs. It is the top favorite of many pilates, yoga, HIIT, and barre workouts. There are so many ways that a side plank can go wrong and can cause injury. So pay attention to details.

Ready to add a fun twist? I am counting you in for some hip dips!
Get into your forearm plank position and flip your waist from one side to another. Let the right hip slowly touch the ground.

The secret for great posture is not just tiring exercises. Some old but very effective exercises like the cat-cow also work wonders.
Begin the cat pose on your knees and palms. Exhale and arch your spine. Imagine you had to touch your spine to the ceiling. Hold this cat position for 1 minute.

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