11 SUPER SEEDS You Should Be Eating!

Seeds are super rich in nutrients, offering many health benefits. They may be small, but they’re super good for you. These versatile seeds can easily be eaten on their own, or added to your foods. Need to shed a few pounds? Need more energy? There are seeds for that as well.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Chia seeds – 00:34
2. Wild rice – 01:20
3. Pumpkin seeds – 02:04
4. Pomegranate seeds – 02:51
5. Quinoa – 03:21
6. Flax seeds – 04:10
7. Hemp seeds – 04:47
8. Sunflower seeds – 05:10
9. Sesame seeds – 05:52
10. Pine nuts – 06:27
11. Poppy seeds – 06:56


Chia seeds
Chia seeds are tiny, black seeds that were an important part of Aztec and Mayan cuisines. They are once again rising in popularity…

Wild rice
While the name wild rice might suggest otherwise, this is actually a grass seed. Compared with any other whole grain, wild rice has the highest amount of protein. When compared with white rice, wild rice has about 30 times the antioxidants.

Pumpkin seeds
Have you ever tried these delicious seeds? You’re probably thinking they’re only appropriate to eat during fall. That’s actually not the case. Pumpkin seeds are good all year round!

Pomegranate seeds
Pomegranates are already popular for being a healthy fruit. The seeds are rich in fiber and also provide as much as 40% of the vitamin C your body needs every day.

Quinoa is another superfood gaining popularity. These seeds are packed with protein. One cup of quinoa can give you as much as 8 grams of protein. They’re also rich in amino acids and vitamin E.

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