11 Ways To Tighten Large Pores Suggested By Dermatologists

Pores are tiny openings on the skin’s surface that release oil, sweat and dirt while also staying connected to hair follicles. Depending on the person’s skin type, they will be more or less visible. Genetics, sun damage and clogged pores are some of the common causes for enlarged pores.

Have you been looking in the mirror lately and noticing your skin becoming more dull and acne prone? Clogged pores could be the reason behind these unwanted features. Enlarged pores lower the chances of achieving flawless, smooth skin. Although it is not possible to completely bring the pores back to their naturally tiny size, there are ways you can improve the appearance of your skin.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Regularly Exfoliate – 00:45
2. Use Non Comedogenic Makeup Products – 01:36
3. No Hot Water To Wash Face – 02:20
4. Cleanse Face Twice Everyday – 03:10
5. Choose Water Based Products For Face – 04:01
6. Use Gel Based Cleanser – 04:44
7. Make Clay Mask Your Best Friend – 05:31
8. Properly Moisturise Skin Everyday – 06:26
9. Use Topical Retinol – 07:12
10. Stay Hydrated – 07:53
11. Limit Dairy products – 08:32
12. Wear Sunscreen – 09:10


1. Regularly Exfoliate
Exfoliating is a skin care step that helps get rid of dead cells and reveal the newer skin.

2. Use Non Comedogenic Makeup Products
Non comedogenic makeup and skin care products are those that are formulated in a way that does not block pores.

3. No Hot Water
Contrary to popular belief, hot water doesn’t enlarge the pores. Reason being, pores don’t have muscles that open or close.

4. Cleanse Face Twice Everyday
Clogged and visible pores are common in oily skin. This is because the skin produces oil and this gets lodged in the pores causing acne.

5. Choose Water Based Products For Your Face
Most skincare products are oil based, containing petroleum jelly or coconut oil which gets mixed with the natural face oils and blocks up pores.

6. Use Gel Based Cleanser
Unlike the soapy, airy texture of a foaming face wash, gel based cleansers have a gel like texture just as the name suggests.

7. Make a Clay Mask Your Best Friend
Deep cleaning and keeping the skin nicely moisturised is the key to tightening pores.

8. Properly Moisturise the Skin Everyday
Should you moisturise clogged pores? Yes! Even the oiliest skin needs some moisturisation to balance out hydration levels.

9. Use Topical Retinol
Retinol is one of the most popular skin care products on the market right now. It is used mostly as an anti aging and anti acne agent.

10. Stay Hydrated
Drinking water and staying hydrated is good for overall health.

11. Limit Dairy Products
Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in the US with over 50 million people affected every year.

12. Wear Sunscreen
Stepping out of your home or staying in, sunscreen should never be avoided. Sun exposure makes the pores larger by turning the skin dry and flaky.

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