11 Weird Tricks That Help You Go to Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? Insomnia might seem harmless, but it can affect your health. You need to catch a good night’s sleep or your performance, mood, health- everything will be affected.

We’ve all had sleepless nights accompanied by tiredness and irritability the next day. If you don’t want to be cranky or sleep-deprived, watch this video until the end. Today we’re discussing 11 weird tricks that will help you fall asleep. Can keeping your feet warm help? What is autogenic training? Banana tea and soothing oils, do they really work? How on earth can trying to stay awake help you fall asleep? We will be talking about all of this AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Try to stay awake – 00:37
Banana tea – 01:24
Autogenic training – 02:32
Soothing oils – 03:47
Warm Feet – 05:05
4-7-8 Breathing technique – 05:27
Sleep in a colder room – 06:05
Blow some bubbles – 06:30
Sleep restriction therapy – 06:48
Hide your clock – 07:19
Drink warm milk – 07:42


1. Try To Stay Awake
I know how it sounds. Super weird, right? How would trying to stay awake help you fall asleep? Your brain isn’t as simple as you think it is. Consider this a type of reverse psychology.

2. Banana Tea
Yes, it’s official! Bananas are healthy. They give you crazy amounts of magnesium. Besides helping your bodily functions run smoothly, this fulfilling fruit promotes relaxation.

3. Autogenic Training
This one needs a bit of practice but the end results are phenomenal! Autogenic training is not just great for putting you to sleep peacefully, but for reducing anxiety and stress.

4. Soothing Oils
We keep hearing people rave about the benefits of essential oils. But is there any truth to it? There is truth to these claims. Rubbing soothing oils can give you a good night's sleep. And there is evidence for it.

5. Warm Feet
When you have cold feet, your brain assumes it is not the right time to snooze. When you wear a comfy pair of socks, it reduces the time it takes to fall asleep.

6. 4-7-8 Breathing technique
This is a breathing trick inspired by Yoga. It reduces anxiety and promotes sleep.

7. Sleep in a colder room
Contrary to popular belief, your body can sleep much better under cold temperatures than warm. About 60 to 68 degrees is the right temperature to slip off to dreamland.

8. Blow some bubbles
Yes, for once you can be a kid and blow as many bubbles in the air as you want. The mechanism behind blowing bubbles is similar to the one where you take deep meditative breaths.

9. Sleep restriction therapy
Yes, you can restrict sleep to get more sleep. But first, you need to set a proper sleep cycle. For this, record your average time slept in a journal.

10. Hide your clock
Do yourself a favor and stop staring at the time. The more you look at the clock, the more anxiety you get. You keep calculating how much less time you have to sleep. This only adds to your anxiety.

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