12 Benefits Of Rosemary Essential Oil To Improve Your Mental & Physical Well-Being

In today’s video, we’ll be discussing those benefits. Can rosemary oil improve brain function? Can it decrease stress and increase alertness? Can rosemary oil protect you against food poisoning? We’ll be talking about all of this AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Enhance Brain Function – 00:27
Alleviate Pain – 01:27
Promotes Hair Growth – 02:13
Acts as Bug Repellant – 03:37
Improves Circulation – 04:41
Decrease Stress – 05:14
Increase Alertness – 06:05
Decrease Joint Inflammation – 06:27
Fights Cancer – 06:48
Improves Liver and Digestive health – 07:01
Prevents Food Poisoning – 07:18
Reduces Side Effects of Antibiotics – 07:44


Enhance Brain Function

The Greeks and Romans used rosemary as a way to improve memory. Did you know that Greek students wore rosemary garlands when studying for exams? In ancient times it was believed that rosemary enhances thinking and concentration. These days, we aren’t sure about garlands, but rosemary essential oil might help.

Alleviate Pain

If you have muscle soreness, sprains and headaches, rosemary oil can help reduce pain. In ancient times, this herb was used as a pain reliever.

Promotes Hair Growth

The most common type of hair loss condition is male pattern baldness. Many of you are going through it. Around half of men will deal with it by the age of 50. Thinning of hair, especially at an early age can affect your self esteem. Here’s some good news! Rosemary oil can help treat androgenetic (andro-genetic) alopecia by slowing down testosterone, which targets hair follicles.

Acts as Bug Repellant

Mosquitoes are still very active and they make it awfully hard to go for a walk. What’s better for getting rid of them with a natural repellant? Rosemary oil is very effective in repelling mosquitoes. It also repels certain blood-sucking insects that spread harmful viruses and bacteria.

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