12 High-Protein Meats To Help You Build Muscle

Constantly upping the weight at the gym can be really impressive. But you need to supplement those efforts with protein. What’s your protein source? If your answer is powder, then you're probably not getting the full range of amino acids.

You need real food to prevent exhaustion. In today's video let's discuss high protein meats that can help you to build muscle and stop your progress from plateauing. Should you be eating chicken and turkey breast? What about pork? Is there any fish on the list? We're discussing all that and more.

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1. Mussels
This easy-to-cook meat is not just an exquisite dinner party choice but a quick mid-day meal, too. It is super easy to cook mussels. You just have to steam or grill them. Pair them with a side of veggies and your quick meal is ready in minutes.

2. Cod
Remember the times when your grandmother fed you a spoonful of cod liver as a child? Well, it was for all the right reasons.

3. Wild Salmon
Organic wild fish pack some of the best proteins. The wild variety has almost 130 calories per serving. Not only that, 5 oz portions can pack 39 grams of protein.

4. Turkey
Did Thanksgiving pop into your mind automatically? You can't have that kind of yummy yet unhealthy turkey every day. Try to go for lean, ground turkey. 3 ounces of turkey can give you 21 grams of protein.

5. Venison
Many people pay top dollar to get the best nutrients from wild game or just hunt their own. Wild game meats are preferred by a few health nuts because they are very lean.

6. Pork tenderloin
Pork has been on our planet for over a million years now.

7. Ground beef
Before you have this meat remember that it's not a beef challenge. So having a big T-bone or steak of 20 to 30 ounces is out of the question.

8. Chicken
Coming to the most sought-after protein source by all gym rats. High protein and low-fat food just got redefined with chicken. 4 ounces of chicken can give you 27 grams of protein.

9. Shrimp
Shrimp is a protein-dense food that can be called a muscle building shellfish.

10. Bison
Not all have the palate for this meat. We always hear about how unhealthy eating red meat every day is.

11. Scallops
Those exotic pearls of the sea can be quick muscle builders. They have very meager fat and cooking them is a no-brainer. Heat your pan and drizzle some cooking oil.

12. Tuna
Nutritionists have advocated sticking to lower limits of seafood to prevent heavy metal toxicity. Mercury toxicity is the worst, but you can have tuna safely.

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