12 Major Warning Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar!

How much sugar do you think you’re eating on a daily basis? The average American adult is consuming 77 grams of sugar each day. You know how many grams you’re supposed to have? Under 36! This amount of sugar every day can lead to heart disease and diabetes. Pretty scary, huh? Luckily for you, there are signs…

Let’s talk about ways you know you’re eating too much sugar. Is your vision all blurry? Are you always feeling thirsty? Wait a second, have you gained a massive amount of weight? We’re talking all that AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
Gaining Weight – 0:30
Mood Swings – 01:11
Skin Will Begin To Suffer – 2:07
Immune System To Weaken – 2:36
Sleepy – 3:07
Teeth Are Hurting – 3:37
Hands And Feet – 4:13
Risk Of Infection – 4:40
Vision Is Blurry – 5:27
Pee A Lot – 5:59
Constant Headache – 6:52
Dizzy And Lightheaded – 7:29


Gaining Weight
Other symptoms we often don’t know about until we go to a doctor. For weight gain, all you need to do is look in the mirror to realize something’s wrong.

Mood Swings
If you’re noticing this sign, other people definitely will. Fluctuations in high sugar count will cause your mood to change, as well as worsen any mental health issues you may have.

Skin Will Begin To Suffer
This is another one you’ll probably notice when you look in the mirror. High sugar consumption leads to a lot of skin problems, and I’m not just talking about acne.

Immune System To Weaken
If all you drink is soda, don’t be surprised if you start getting sick more. Too much sugar in your blood can mess with your immune system.

To be honest, that’s just saying it politely. High amounts of sugar in your blood will cause extreme fatigue. You’ll go through the day feeling like you’re about to drop.

Teeth Are Hurting
Since we were kids, adults have been telling us too much candy will make our teeth rot. Well, how does it feel knowing they were right? It’s not just candy that does this though.

Hands And Feet
Feeling discomfort in your limbs? This is from all the sugar you’re having. High sugar intake will start to block the veins that transport blood through your body.

Risk Of Infection
Remember a minute ago when I said that sugar will weaken your immune system? And remember how it leaves you vulnerable to things like cold and flu? Well, there’s something else I forgot to mention.

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