12 Mineral Rich Foods That You Should Eat Regularly

Minerals are responsible for functions involving the skeleton and soft tissues. They also regulate activities like transmission, blood clotting, oxygen transport among other crucial tasks. The ideal way to make sure that you get your daily dose is to adopt a healthy diet plan emphasizing vegetables, fruits, beans, dairy products and low fat proteins. Here are some foods rich in minerals that can easily help you meet your daily requirement

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Intro – 0:00
1. Salmon – 00:45
2. Table Salt – 01:31
3. Dried Fruits and Nuts – 02:11
4. Milk – 02:52
5. Dark Leafy Greens – 03:31
6. Mushrooms – 04:17
7. Tofu – 04:59
8. Dark Chocolate – 05:42
9. Avocado – 06:19
10. Whole Grains – 07:08
11. Shellfish – 07:52
12. Seeds – 08:41


Often referred to as ‘brain food’ salmon is famous for being packed with nutrients and minerals that help in boosting your brain power. It also contains heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids and premium quality proteins. Did you know that salmon is one of those rare foods that are a natural source of vitamin D?

Table salt:
Can you imagine life or any of your meals without salt? No way! Table salt is one of the world's most important cooking ingredients. It not only makes a boring bland dish, delicious but it also contains essential minerals content like chloride. It’s an important electrolyte that helps in maintaining PH levels.

Dried fruits and nuts:
Dried fruits are packed with nutritious minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. All these minerals are extremely vital for the proper functioning of your body. During the drying process, the fruit loses all its water content and what’s left behind is highly concentrated nutritional ingredients.

Don’t think twice before downing that delicious glass of ice cold milk. That’s right! This beverage is one of the best sources of calcium among other essential nutrients. It also contains a good amount of magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, and zinc. All of these minerals play a major role in the body like maintaining enzyme functions, bone formation, water balance maintenance, and oxygen transport.

Dark leafy greens:
A typical balanced meal includes a generous portion of dark leafy green vegetables. They are famous for being packed with rich nutrients that keep your heart healthy, skin glowing and hair shiny! Green salad, kale and spinach are great sources for Vitamin A, C, E and K while vegetables like broccoli and bok choy contain Vitamin B.

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