12 Red Flag Signs That Show Your Marriage Won’t Last Long

Marriage might seem like a fairy tale but soon that “happily ever after” starts to fade. With divorce rates skyrocketing many are struggling to have happy families.

There are a bunch of reasons that might put your marriage on the brink of collapse. You just need to spot them in time to save yourself from emotional exhaustion. In today's video let's discuss 11 science-backed signs that show your marriage won't last long. Is not fighting a good sign? What about how your partner was brought up? We're talking all that AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Contempt – 00:33
2. “Only one person exists in the relationship” – 00:57
3. Their upbringing – 01:31
4. The blame game never stops – 01:59
5. Not fighting – 02:31
6. Flirting outside your relationship – 03:08
7. Cutting ties with friends and family – 03:41
8. Childhood photographs – 04:34
9. Bad sleeping Arrangements – 05:16
10. An extravagant start – 05:49
11. Economic conditions – 06:28
12. Nonverbal cues – 07:00


1. Contempt
A false feeling of superiority can lead to divorce. Sometimes frustration can be projected into someone making them feel worthless or beneath you.

2. “Only one person exists in the relationship”
Many times people change for the good when in a healthy relationship. It's a two-way process to make you an invincible team.

3. Their upbringing
Parents play a vital role in shaping a child's personality. We want to do everything adults do in childhood. Kids lack the understanding of what's right or wrong.

4. The blame game never stops
Early on in a relationship your difference can be exciting. But down the line, if your partner starts to judge you because of those differences you once loved.

5. Not fighting
We just told you that constant fighting can end a relationship. You might now be wondering if you avoid fighting and ignore conflicts, that can lengthen your relationship.

6. Flirting outside your relationship
Some people are charming and have naturally flirtatious personalities. It's important to draw boundaries after marriage. If you find your partner going over and above the socially accepted protocols they might not be into you anymore.

7. Cutting ties with friends and family
Do you have a friend group that makes you forget all your worries? Or do you make it a ritual to hang out with your guys every game night? If yes – consider yourself lucky, those friendships need to be nurtured and cared for.

8. Childhood photographs
When having doubts about your marriage, have a look at your spouse's yearbook photos. Research rated the intensity of yearbook smiles in college students from 1 to 10. People who were a perfect 10 were found to have no divorce later in life.

9. Bad sleeping arrangements
Imagine your spouse kicking you out of bed or snoring at 3:00 a.m. while you struggle to get some quality sleep. Sound familiar? Having to deal with this scenario for days, months or years can make one sleep-deprived.

10. An extravagant start
Did your relationship start with crazy movie-like gestures? If yes, be prepared for some bad news. Maintaining that relationship enthusiasm throughout your life can be a big emotional burden.

11. Economic conditions
Marriage is like a garden that needs constant nurturing with emotional and physical aspects.

12. Nonverbal cues
Marriage is understanding unspoken words. Most times it comes from the tone of the voice while communicating. If your partner is being too sarcastic, demeaning, or contemptuous then it's only natural for you to feel hurt all the time.

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