12 Signs Your Dog REALLY Loves You

Of course, you love your dog. Their unconditional loyalty, goofiness, and adorable personality win our hearts. But have you ever wondered if your dog loves you? Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could somehow know what’s happening in our dog’s mind?

Turns out, it’s possible! You’ll just need to pay attention to their body language. In today’s video, we’ll be talking about signs your dog REALLY loves you, according to science. Do they lift their eyebrows? Do they snuggle with you? We’ll talk about all of this AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
They look at you with love – 00:32
They wag their tails when they see you – 01:11
They lift their eyebrows – 02:10
They like to snuggle – 02:47
They yawn when you yawn – 03:42
They’re very welcoming – 04:33
They want to sleep next to you – 05:03
They smile at you – 05:47
They lean against you – 06:09
They steal your clothes – 06:32
They lick you – 07:06
hey bring you their toys – 07:34


They look at you with love
Your dog can indeed show love just by looking at you! Think about it! When humans maintain eye contact, it’s a sign of attention. Dogs do the same. They stare at you when they really appreciate you.

They wag their tails when they see you
There’s sometimes nothing funnier than watching a dog wag its tail. They just do it so intensely, you can’t help but laugh. A dog wagging its tail is a sign of happiness.

They lift their eyebrows
What? Dogs raise their eyebrows when they’re in love? Apparently, it’s not just the tail wag. Dogs have other ways of showing affection for their owners. If you really look at their facial expression, you’ll see they raise their eyebrows as well.

They like to snuggle
Did you have a bad day at work? Are you going through a nasty breakup? Whatever the reason for your bad mood, a warm snuggle with your dog will drive all your sadness away!

They yawn when you yawn
When you yawn in public, you end up causing a few others to do the same. Yawns are contagious, but they’re also seen as a sign of empathy. It’s actually pretty strange when you think about it.

They’re very welcoming
This is one of the most likable characteristics of a dog. Seeing you just makes their day. Due to our jobs, most of us spend a large chunk of the day out of the house.

They want to sleep next to you
It’s one thing to cuddle in the middle of the day. Sleeping with you at night is a lot different. How many times have you struggled to sleep all because your canine pal is taking up half the bed? Well, you need to look at it from their perspective. It might be annoying to you, but they love it.

They smile at you
What?! Dogs can smile? You may have thought this was impossible, but dogs can smile too! If you go on Instagram or TikTok, there are so many reels showing dogs smiling for the camera.

They lean against you
Have you ever had your dog randomly lean against you? It’s the cutest thing. If they’re doing this to you, you’re their favorite human.

They steal your clothes
My dog has a whole pile of socks stolen from my laundry basket. Anyone with a dog knows what this is like!

They lick you
When a dog licks a puppy, it’s doing it for affection. The same is the case when your furry friend licks you.

They bring you their toys
Dogs also show their affection by bringing you their toys. They see you as an equal and want to play with you. Dogs will only do this with the humans they love.

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