12 Signs Your Heartbreak Is Something More Serious

A bad breakup will make you feel like the world is coming down around you. You might tell yourself to stop thinking about your ex. But those happy, sad and intimate moments can leave a permanent mark on your brain. These bittersweet feelings can take a toll on your mental and physical health. If you're unable to keep up with life, it's about time to get help.

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Intro – 0:00
You’re physically ill – 00:36
Unable to think about anything else – 01:21
You avoid friends – 02:02
Not practicing self-care – 02:53
You can’t work – 03:40
You haven't had fun in days – 04:16
Struggling for a fixed routine – 04:50
You’ve become a social media addict – 05:27
Refusing to date again – 06:22
Changed eating patterns – 06:53
Substance abuse – 07:19
Rough sleep – 07:40


1. You’re physically ill

While you drown yourself in self-judgment, the stress levels in your body start building up. Your body reacts in different ways you wouldn't expect. Your mind is not ready for these feelings and responds by increasing a stress hormone in your body called cortisol.

2. Unable to think about anything else

If I told you “do not think about a pink elephant”, your brain will immediately picture a pink elephant! The same is true with your ex. In fact, you may just be making those memories even stronger if you’re hellbent on forgetting them.

Time is the best healer. Eventually, the memory of a past relationship starts fading away. But if that doesn’t happen, a feeling of self-loathing and criticism will begin.

3. You avoid friends

Not everybody is blessed with great friends, but even if you are, they probably get bored of listening to your constant breakup rants. Of course, you'll have their shoulder to cry on, but you need a neutral third party to listen to you.

Strong-headed people can get over a breakup easily, but the emotional ones require a group to get them back to their old self again.

4. Not practicing self-care

Experts believe that keeping yourself busy after going through a breakup can be beneficial.

Feeling aimless at home and refusing to do your regular chores is a bad habit to fall into. How long has it been since you last shaved? Have the dishes been in the sink for over a week? Then, my dear friend, you need help. Selfcare might look boring, but it’s essential to restructure your life. Get rid of those negative thoughts and get back to your healthy lifestyle.

5. You can’t work

Breakups can hurt so bad, you almost wish you were a robot with no feelings. Your job will not slow down for you. Despite having too much on your plate, your work demands your full attention.

If you’re performing poorly at work, your heartbreak is clearly getting to you. It’s almost like every day feels like a Monday morning.

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