12 Surprising Low Carb Foods You Are Not Eating That Help You LOSE WEIGHT

Is dark chocolate on the list? How about butter? Maybe coffee? Wait a second, bacon’s on this list? What did I just walk into…

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Intro – 0:00
Bacon – 00:25
Eggs – 01:24
Almonds – 01:47
Goats Cheese – 02:13
Brie – 02:49
Beer – 03:17
Top Sirloin Steak – 03:56
Pancakes – 04:30
Coffee – 05:18
Dark Chocolate – 05:45
Butter – 06:18
Sausage – 06:48


1. Bacon
That’s correct. Kicking things off, we’re talking about one of your favorite breakfasts. It’s one of mine at least. I mean sure, they’re fatty and high in sodium. But if you’re looking to cut carbs specifically, bacon is a smart food choice.

2. Eggs
Let’s face it, what’s bacon without a couple eggs? Eggs have a ton of great health benefits. This probably goes against what you’ve heard in the past. I mean you might want to be cautious if your cholesterol isn’t great. But it is an ideal food choice if you’re looking to cut carbs.

3. Almonds
Not enough people eat almonds as a snack. We’re often too busy munching on chips and other carb-heavy treats.

4. Goats Cheese
I get it, this type of cheese is on the very bottom of many of your lists. But if you’re willing to hop off the cheddar train for a while, goat cheese can really benefit your diet.

5. Brie
Don’t worry, we’re not trying to force a bunch of cheese down your throat. We’re hoping you’ll do that yourself. You see brie, like goat cheese, holds some terrific health effects. Try an ounce.

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