12 Things That Will Happen To Your Body If You Drink Black Tea Every Day

How does it protect the heart? Is it good for controlling blood pressure? Does it really protect from different cancers? In today's video we will be talking about the effects drinking black tea has on your body.

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Intro – 0:00
Lowered cholesterol – 00:45
Improved heart health – 01:24
Controlled blood pressure – 01:56
Better focus – 02:33
Reduced risk of cancer – 03:03
Better gut health – 03:31
No more plaque buildup in artery walls – 04:10
Protects against diabetes – 04:45
Say goodbye to bad breath – 05:29
Aid weight loss – 06:04
Lowered risk of a stroke – 06:35
Better antioxidant levels – 07:08


1. Lowered bad cholesterol
Let’s start off with the cholesterol problem, which 1 in every 3 Americans are dealing with. Clearly, it's a huge thing. With almost no symptoms, it's the secret behind several health issues. You may already know that there are 2 types of cholesterol in the body, good and bad. It's natural that you would want less of the bad and more of the good. Black tea does exactly that! Too much bad cholesterol may plaque up your arteries and cause stroke or a heart attack. This can be undone by drinking black tea regularly where bad cholesterol levels can dip by over 10%!

2. Improved heart health
You know what we love the most? Food and drinks that keeps the heart happy. Black tea is one such comforting beverage that boosts heart health. Black tea is full of antioxidants and one of them is flavonoids that are extremely beneficial for keeping the heart beating happily.

3. Controlled blood pressure
You’ll be surprised to learn that over 1 billion people are suffering from high blood pressure worldwide. That’s a lot! Eating food that severely lacks nutrition, obesity, lack of any physical activity and binge drinking can cause hypertension. Making lifestyle changes like eating right and exercise can greatly influence hypertension and even lower the risk of developing chronic diseases!

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