12 Warning Signs Too Many Toxins In Your Body

Most of us love to eat. The problem is we often don’t think about the toxins we’re putting in our body. Have you ever heard of toxic overload? This is where there are too many harmful toxins in the body. Luckily, there are signs of toxic overload that you can do something about.

Let’s talk today about how you know there are too many toxins in your body. Does your breath smell? Are you losing your hair? Are you experiencing brain fog? We’re talking about all this AND more, so stay tuned…

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Brain Fog
Do you feel like you're forgetting things easier than you used to? Brain fog does this to our minds.

Now, much like brain fog, there are a lot of factors contributing to fatigue. One of the key factors in an unhealthy lifestyle. This can include consuming too many toxic substances.

Experiencing Insomnia
When your body has too many toxins, your cortisol levels go crazy. This is the hormone that helps regulate your stress.

Your Breath Is Killing People
Are you clearing the room with your bad breath? This is what toxic overload can do to you. This usually happens because you’re having problems with your digestive system. Your liver and kidneys are having trouble flushing all the toxins out of your body.

Smelling Like B.O.
On top of bad breath, you’ll also have to deal with really bad body odor. And I’m not just talking about something subtle that you get a whiff of every now and then. Toxic overload can have your body reeking.

Weight Is Fluctuating
Noticing any change in your weight can be unpleasant, but sudden weight fluctuations are really scary. Now, there are plenty of reasons behind weight fluctuations, but excessive toxins is one that you need to think about.

What worse than being sick? The endless feeling that you’re going to be sick. This is just another painful symptom of toxic overload. Too many toxins in your body can cause extreme nausea.

Mood Swings
Have your friends been commenting on your “bad attitude”? Do you feel happy one moment and depressed the next? Constant mood swings can put a dark cloud over your life. Unfortunately, they’re just one more sign of toxic overload you need to worry about.

Having trouble going to the bathroom lately? Don’t worry, this happens to the best of us. What you really should worry about are the potential causes.

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