12 Ways To GET RID Of Seasonal Allergies For Good & What To Eat

Do the spring and fall make your eyes watery and your nose runny? Seasonal allergies can be tricky to deal with. You’ve probably wondered about ways to get rid of them. Fortunately, there are ways to control your seasonal allergies.

In today’s video, we’ll be discussing several ways you can find relief. How do you avoid the triggers? Will keeping your windows shut help? Should you use an air purifier? Should you take over-the-counter medications? How do you rinse your sinuses? Which foods can help? We’ll talk about all of these AND more…

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Keeps the doors and windows shut
When the pollen count is high, you want to stay indoors. The problem is they still manage to find a way to you. This is because you have your windows and doors open.

Wear a mask
With Covid, people have become used to wearing masks. While most folks are using it to avoid the virus, you can also use them to avoid allergies. If you're sensitive to allergens, you may want to start wearing a mask outdoors.

Nasal rinse
A nasal rinse can protect your sinuses from allergies. It removes the mucus out of your nose and fights off those annoying allergy symptoms.

Taking showers after coming back indoors
When you go outdoors, you end up with a lot of allergens and other tiny particles all over your body. They stick to your hair, clothes, shoes and even your skin.

Drink fluids
Anyone who's dealt with severe allergies knows the feeling of being all stuffy. You also have a post nasal drip. One way to get rid of this is by drinking a lot more fluids.

Inhale steam
The steam from tea and soup can help get rid of your allergy symptoms. But you can get a lot more benefits by intentionally steaming.

Use natural cleaners
One of the things you need to go if you're susceptible to allergies is clean your house. Most people use cleaning products that contain really harmful chemicals.

Air purifiers
Sometimes, even keeping your doors and windows shut is not enough to keep out the allergens. You could still have some amount inside the house.

Eat healthy
Eating healthy can also be a great way to avoid seasonal allergies. People who eat a good amount of vegetables and fruits suffer from fewer symptoms.

Acupuncture can be a great way to fix seasonal allergies. It's not yet clear how acupuncture helps clear up your airways, but studies have shown the practice is quite helpful.

Figure out what triggers your allergies and avoid them
The best way to avoid allergy symptoms is to figure out what triggers them and avoid it. Of course, that's easier said than done.

Looking for alternative treatments
There are some over the counter medications that can help deal with your allergy symptoms.

Foods that alleviate allergy symptoms
There are certain foods you can eat to help get rid of your seasonal allergies.

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