13 Best Foods For A Kidney Cleanse & 7 Foods To Avoid!

Your kidneys may be small, but they are mighty. These two, bean-shaped organs located on either side of your spine, are responsible for filtering blood and removing waste and extra fluid from your body. They also remove acid produced by the cells that maintain a healthy balance of water, salts, and minerals.

Even though your kidneys are capable of detoxing on their own, sometimes they may not be functioning at their best. This can cause fatigue, bloating, and trouble sleeping. By making certain diet changes, you can help your kidney's natural detoxification process. This means eating kidney friendly foods. In today’s video, we will tell you the best and worst foods for a kidney cleanse.

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Intro – 0:00
Foods good for kidney cleanse 00.49
1.Red Bell Peppers 00.51
2.Cabbage 01.19
3.Onions 01.46
4.Blueberries 02.16
5.Egg whites 02.39
6.Buckwheat 02.59
7.Sweet potatoes 03.27
8.Olive oil 03.48
9.Skinless chicken 04.16
10.Mushrooms 04.39
11.Apple Cider Vinegar 05.09
12.Lemon juice 05.30
13.Fatty fish 05.58
Foods bad for kidneys 06.21
1.Canned foods 06.26
2.High Protein Foods 07.02
3.Caffeine 07.31
4.Fruits and vegetables high in Potassium 08.03
5.Alcohol 08.38
6.Foods with phosphorus 09.05
7.High Sodium Foods 09.42



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