13 Healthy Food Staples You Should Never Run Out Of

Is extra virgin olive oil a must have? Oats should be an obvious choice, right? What about nuts and seeds? Today we are discussing all this and much more! So stay tuned till the end to learn about all the healthy staples you need in your kitchen ASAP!

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Intro – 0:00
Nonfat greek yogurt – 00:49
Extra virgin olive oil – 01:21
Grain bread – 01:51
Beans – 02:26
Apple cider vinegar – 02:56
Coconut oil – 03:21
Eggs – 03:52
Quinoa – 04:26
Sea salt – 04:52
Tomato paste – 05:33
Banana – 05:58
Oatmeal – 06:25
Garlic and onions – 06:59


1. Nonfat greek yougurt
Nonfat greek yogurt is no fad and is popular among health freaks and lactose intolerant people. Around 6 ounces packs over 15 grams of protein. It can be an awesome low-cal and low-fat substitute for mayo and sour cram. Although almost every type of yogurt shares high nutritional value it stands out with the creamy texture and its ability to make you feel full with adding on just a few calories.

2. Extra virgin olive oil
No surprises here! Take this as a sign and stock up with extra virgin olive oil! While olive oil in general is good for you extra virgin olive oil is better. It has more polyphenols than the regular kind which offers a wide range of health benefits.

3. Grain bread
Bread has always been a controversial topic. Is whole grain better than brown? We are here to clear up the confusion. While shopping for bread look for the one that contains at least 5 grams of fiber per slice. Grain breads are the perfect healthy staple because, well… who doesn't like bread?

4. Beans
Beans are one of the most inexpensive sources of protein you can find. Lowkey, they're a superfood. There are many types of beans you can choose form and when I say many… I mean many.

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