13 Sinus Infection Symptoms That You Should Not Ignore

It is very important to know the symptoms of a Sinus Infection for faster and better treatment. In today’s video we will tell you what these symptoms are. From nasal congestion, fatigue, constant headache to sore throat and many more, keep watching to find out all of them.

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Intro – 0:00
What is a Sinus infection? – 00:45
Is Sinus Infection Dangerous? – 01:30

Symptoms of Sinus Infection – 02:18
Cold Symptoms that last longer than a week – 02:22
Thick Nasal Discharge – 02:52
Head Pain – 03:24
Throat Irritation and Cough – 03:48
Pain in your Sinuses – 04:15
You have a Toothache – 04:42
You feel a lot of Pressure – 05:09
Pain in your Eyes – 05:37
Constant Coughing – 05:58
Brightly Coloured Mucus – 06:14
Fatigue – 06:37
Nasal Congestion – 06:52
Bad Breath – 07:13

How can you Prevent Sinusitis? – 07:30
Home Treatment of a Sinus Infection – 08:19


Cold Symptoms that last longer than a week: Usually a sinus infection starts out as a classic cold with symptoms of a stuffy nose, maybe a fever, scratchy throat, and feeling fatigued and just sick.

Colds can also cause some chest tightness, dizziness, and just all-over congestion. After three to five days, those symptoms should start improving and by day five or seven, you should be feeling better. If you don’t, or the symptoms are getting worse, it’s likely it turned into a bacterial infection.
Thick Nasal Discharge: Everyone knows your nose gets runny and you develop a cough when you have a common cold, but a sinus infection is a little different. When your sinuses are infected, your nasal discharge becomes extremely thick and colorful, including being white, yellow, or green.

It could also have traces of blood in it as well. It’s this same mucus that drips down your throat, making it sore and giving you the cough and hoarse sounding voice that are often associated with severe colds.

Head Pain: Infected sinuses can cause pressure or pain throughout your head, including places like your upper jaw, between the eyes, your teeth, your forehead, and even your neck.

Where you experience this pain will depend on which pair of sinuses are infected. If you are feeling strong pains in any or multiple of these areas, odds are your cold is actually a sinus infection.

Throat Irritation and Cough: As the discharge from your sinuses drains down the back of your throat, it can cause irritation, especially over a long period of time. This can lead to a persistent and annoying cough, which can be worse when lying down to sleep or first thing in the morning after getting up from bed.

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