14 Plank Variations That Will Give You 6 Pack Abs In No Time

Planks offer a safe, challenging, and effective way to train both the core and many other muscles. These include the shoulders, pectorals, biceps, triceps, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and more. The best part is you can do it anywhere, it does not take special coordination or equipment, and there are countless ways to vary it. With a series of quick tweaks, you can transform the humble plank into a whole array of new muscular challenges to finally build those six-pack abs you’ve been after.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Knee plank – 00:49
2. High plank – 01:30
3. Forearm Plank – 02:01
4. Reverse plank – 02:30
5. Rocking plank – 02:58
6. Side plank – 03:39
7. Star Forearm Plank – 04:19
8. Rolling plank – 04:54
9. Plank with Oblique Crunch – 05:32
10. Plank with leg lift – 06:02
11. Plank jack – 06:23
12. Plank up down – 07:03
13. Lateral plank walk – 07:35
14. Reach plank – 08:04


1. Knee Plank: This plan builds strength and stability in the core muscles, including the back and deep layers like the transverse abdominis.

2. High Plank: This is a great exercise for beginners. It requires you to place your palms on the ground instead of the forearm, making it easier.

3. Forearm Plank: If a high plank is too tricky or you want to adjust and try a modification, go for the forearm plank.

4. Reverse Plank: Like other plank variations, the reverse plank also strengthens the core and tones muscles.

5. Rocking Plank: Incorporating a rocking plank helps build a stronger core, will flatten your stomach, and increase mobility.

6. Side Plank: Once you get used to standard planks, try a side plank, an excellent exercise for working the sides of your core.

7. Star Forearm Plank: This is an advanced variation of the Side Plank. It targets your core, glute, abductor, external and internal obliques, and biceps.

8. Rolling Plank: The rolling plank is a strengthening and cardio exercise, excellent for your hips, waist, core, and arms.

9. Plank with Oblique Crunch: Plank with oblique crunch is an intense move for your obliques and abdominals.

10. Plank With Leg Lift: Starting in a full plank position on your hands, keep your hips steady and abs engaged as you lift one leg up, squeezing your glutes on that side.

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