14 Popular Supplements With Hidden Dangers You Must Avoid

From vitamin c, soy isolate, folic acid, creatine to multivitamins and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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Intro – 0:00
Calcium – 00:47
Vitamin C – 01:38
Iron and Green tea together – 02:08
Soy Isolate – 02:37
Flush-Free Niacin – 03:07
3-6-9 – 03:44
Vitamin D2 – 04:32
Folic Acid – 05:32
Magnesium Oxide – 06:02
Zinc and copper together – 06:46
Potassium – 07:17
Vitamin A and beta carotene together – 08:25
Creatine – 09:03
Multivitamins – 09:25


1. Calcium: Despite the fact that we’re told to have lots of calcium in our diet, calcium supplements can actually be dangerous, particularly for people over 50. This is because older bodies can have more difficulty absorbing the mineral, which can lead to it being absorbed by the walls of arteries, as opposed to the bones. This can result in hardening of the arteries, which in turn can lead to strokes and heart disease.

2. Vitamin C: For the most part, vitamin C tablets are harmless. However, 2000 milligrams or more can increase your risk of kidney stones—and nobody wants tiny rocks stabbing them from the inside. The main issue with vitamin C supplements is that they’re unnecessary. Studies have shown that their prevention of the common cold is a mere myth.

3. Iron and Green tea together: While green tea isn’t a supplement, it is a delicious antioxidant-infused beverage that many of us enjoy for its health benefits. Unfortunately, taking iron supplements along with it isn’t a great mix.

4. Soy Isolate: Soy isolate can be found in some brands of protein bars and shakes, but there can be a downside for the men. Unfortunately, it can have an estrogen effect, which becomes stronger in older men whose bodies are already having trouble balancing their estrogen and testosterone levels.

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