14 Signs Of Vitamin D Deficiency Your Body Is Warning You About

It can be difficult to get vitamin D, especially during winters when the sunlight is limited. Vitamin D deficiency has become a health concern for so many of us. But how do you know you have it?

In today’s video, we’re going to talk about 14 symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, according to experts. Do you feel tired all day long? Could lower back pain be a sign? What about aches, cramps, and pains in your muscles? We’ll talk about all of these AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Fatigue – 0:27
2. Lower Back Pain – 01:12
3. Muscle Weakness – 01:46
4. Aching Muscles – 02:16
5. Bone Discomfort – 02:38
6. Trouble Sleeping – 03:16
7. Hair Loss- 03:47
8. Eczema – 04:13
9. Slow-Healing Wounds – 04:49
10. Getting Sick Regularly – 05:17
11. Dizziness – 05:50
12. Frequent Urinary Tract Infections – 06:14
13. Digestive Problems- 06:40
14. Being Overweight – 07:08


1. Fatigue
While there are so many potential reasons behind fatigue, vitamin D deficiency is one of the main ones.

2. Lower Back Pain
It’s quite normal to have sore muscles every now and then.

3. Muscle Weakness
Another symptom of vitamin D deficiency is muscle weakness.

4. Aching Muscles
If you have pain in your muscles, with no real explanation as to why it’s happening, it could be because of the lack of vitamin D.

5. Bone Discomfort
Pain in the bones can have a huge impact on your life.

6. Trouble Sleeping
It seems like these days, it’s much harder to get the proper amount of rest.

7. Hair Loss
As you age, it’s only natural for you to lose your hair.

8. Eczema
Have you ever had eczema? If so, you know how annoying and miserable it can be.

9. Slow-Healing Wounds
If you suffer a wound, it takes a little time for the body to heal it completely.

10. Getting Sick Regularly
If you’re getting sick on a regular basis, it could be because of a deficiency in vitamin D.

11. Dizziness
Do you ever feel a quick bout of dizziness coming on? People who suffer from vertigo tend to feel dizzy quite often.

12. Frequent Urinary Tract Infections
A urinary tract infection can be very painful to deal with.

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