14 Sneaky Ways To Burn Calories While Working

Do you want to be fit but are chained to your desk from 9 to 5? Sitting for long hours can be physically and mentally tiring. And to top it all off there is always a list of chores waiting to be done in the evening. Hitting the gym in the middle of your daily hustle becomes impossible, which might pack some pounds in your body.

In today's video, we are discussing ways to burn calories while working. Do you sit on a stability ball at work? Can maintaining the right posture help? We are discussing all that and more…

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Intro – 0:00
Parking Your Car – 00:33
Walk More At Work? – 01:29
Stability Ball Chair – 02:15
Stand At Your Desk – 03:04
Treadmill Or A Pedal Desk! – 03:33
Office Gym – 04:22
Avoid Junk Food! – 04:42
Drinking Water – 05:39
More Walking To The Toilet – 06:22
Actually Going Over To Your Colleague’s Workstation – 06:47
Walking Meetings – 07:17
Finger Stretches And Wrist Rotations – 07:57
The Right Posture – 08:33
Micro Workout – 09:05


Parking Your Car
Rigorous cardio exercises and weight training sessions are known to burn calories. While these exercises can be strenuous for a few, walking serves as the easiest way to torch calories.

Walk More At Work
Enjoying a 30-minute stroll after lunch can make your legs work more. To keep your steps in check, invest in a good fitness watch.

Stability Ball Chair
Never heard of it before? It is also called a yoga ball chair! Now you get it, right? Keep in mind sitting on the ball alone is not enough to burn calories, it just boosts the overall process.

Stand At Your Desk
Scientific research suggests that it might help to reduce weight. Standing will trim your waistline immediately. But it will help to burn about 9 extra calories per hour.

Treadmill Or A Pedal Desk!
Sedentary lifestyles can reduce your life span as you fall prey to modern-day diseases quickly. A pedal desk would require a stationary desk bike to be positioned under your desk.

Office Gym
It's time to take advantage of what your employer is providing. A few offices might be equipped with fitness centers and wellness programs. That way you don't have to leave your office to get a good calorie burn. You will be able to work out during your break.

Avoid Junk Food!
Losing weight is challenging while most of us just focus on exercising, diet often goes unnoticed. Since you are what you eat – you will be healthy only if you eat healthy. Get rid of snacks that have added sugars and are high in sodium.

Drinking Water.
Sometimes your brain may perceive that you are extremely hungry, while you may actually just be dehydrated. The American Council of Exercise recommends active women to drink at least 91 ounces of water every day.

More Walking To The Toilet
Water flushes out all the toxins accumulating in your body. Even if there is a restroom on the same floor you can opt for one on a different floor, which adds more steps and raises your metabolism.

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