14 Superfoods For Your Kidney

Blueberry? Fish? Spinach? All this and lots more! Stay tuned to learn all about foods that will keep your kidneys healthy.

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Apple – 00:49
Blueberry – 01:27
Cranberry – 01:58
Spinach – 02:35
High Fatty Fish – 03:09
Strawberry – 03:44
Sweet Potato – 04:15
Egg whites – 04:50
Mushroom – 05:30
Cauliflower – 06:05
Garlic – 06:41
Cabbage – 07:12
Onion – 07:45
Olive Oil – 08:24


1. Apple
Apples are high in fiber and contain anti – inflammatory properties which makes it an ideal fruit to have everyday. They are also an amazing source of a compound called pectin, which is a special kind of soluble fiber. This helps maintain blood glucose level while lowering cholesterol. Don’t make the common mistake of peeling out the apple before eating. The most important and essential sources of fiber and nutrients are contained in the peel. Packed with loads of vitamins and antioxidants they are an amazing healthy tasty treat. For healthy kidneys always make sure to have at least a medium sized apple every day.

2. Blueberry
Blueberries are delicious, tangy tasty berries which are not only good for your kidneys but work like a charm for the rest of your body as well. Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients just one cup contains a good amount of sodium, potassium and phosphorus. This is perfect for a kidney friendly diet and also reduces the risk of developing heart problems. Fresh berries from your local farmer’s market also protects brain health and even fights off diabetes. Putting them in a smoothie or having it as a part of the healthy breakfast meal also protects the body from cell damage.

3. Cranberry
Cranberries are a fall weather treat. These tangy, tart and delicious red fruits have benefits that not just protects kidneys but also stops the development of any ulcers in the urinary tract system. Just one serving is packed with Vitamin C, minimal sodium and fiber among a host of other natural goodness. Spruce up your salad by adding a handful of them in the form of dried or fresh and reduce the risk of developing kidney infection. Although small in size its benefits are massive. It improves overall health, wards off infection and boosts immunity. Remember, eating fresh cranberries is far better than drinking cranberry juice.

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