14 Surprising Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Your Dog

Apple Cider Vinegar has been used by humans for thousands of years to treat everything from acne to dandruff. It has proved to be one of the most versatile and useful products. But what if we told you, even dogs can benefit from it. Hi viewers and welcome back to another bestie video.

Health problems are common in dogs. They are prone to infestations, infections and allergies. It can be quite upsetting to see them suffer again and again, not to mention the hefty fees you have to pay the vet on each visit. This is where Apple Cider Vinegar comes into picture. It is a miraculous liquid that can help your dog in many ways. And in today’s video, we will tell you what they are. From using it as a shampoo, tackling itchy skin, dandruff, urinary health to arthritis pain relief and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Clear Paw Infections – 00:48
2. Clean Out Their Ears – 01:20
3. Tackle Itchy Skin – 02:07
4. Relieve Hot Spots – 02:53
5. Dandruff – 03:37
6. Digestive Support – 04:20
7. Insect Repellent – 04:55
8. Tear Stains – 05:19
9. Urinary Health – 05:49
10. Better Dental Health – 06:28
11. Shampoo – 07:01
12. Cure Dog Mange – 07:23
13. Anti Tick Sponge Bath – 08:04
14. Arthritis Pain Relief – 08:37


1. Clear Paw Infections: Dogs tend to walk on hard uneven surfaces everyday. This may not be the best thing for their paws causing irritation and infections.

2. Clean out their ears: The antibacterial properties of ACV make it a good option to clean out a dog's ears. It will help to prevent infection and ward off parasites that are susceptible to the acid present in it.

3. Tackle Itchy Skin: ACV helps to soothe and relieve rashes caused by a yeast infection, helping to prevent its spread. The natural acid helps to eliminate dead skin cells, exposing new and healthy ones.

4. Relieve Hot Spots: Almost anything that causes skin irritation or itchiness can result in a hot spot. Once started, the skin only gets itchier, and unfortunately scratching further aggravates hot spots.

5. Dandruff: Nothing distracts from a shiny, healthy coat like doggy dandruff. Plsu, dandruff means they also have itchy skin–and that's no fun.

6. Digestive Support: Digestion is the foundation of your pet's health. Poorly digested or absorbed nutrients can lead to many health issues.

7. Insect Repelient: Apple cider vinegar can be used as a natural way to repel fleas, ticks and biting flies.

8. Tear Stains: Very common is small dogs and dogs with shorter snouts, tear stains can be annoying and unsightly.

9. Urinary Health: Urinary tract infections are unpleasant and can be quite painful for your dog if not treated quickly.

10. Better Dental Health: Research continues to suggest the benefits of apple cider vinegar when it comes to preventing tooth decay.

11. Shampoo: This magic product can even be used as a dog's shampoo.

12. Cure Dog Mange: An irritating condition of the skin with hair loss and unsightly scabs, mange can seem like a curse.

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