14 Telltale Signs Your Partner Is Bored With Your Relationship

Relationships are always exciting in the beginning. But once the honeymoon phase ends, things settle down and become less fiery. Hi viewers and welcome back to Bestie! Every relationship has its ups and downs. As your relationship grows more comfortable, you might worry it is growing a bit too boring.

Your relationship might be mostly free of conflict, but chances are your partner might be feeling unsatisfied, tired, or just plain uninspired. There are signs that can help you identify this and in today’s video, we will tell you what they are.

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Intro – 0:00
They show a general lack of excitement – 00:44
They’ve stopped asking questions – 01:17
They are on their phone all the time – 01:44
They don’t want to hang out with you – 02:21
You don’t have anything to talk about – 03:04
They don’t want to connect with you physically – 03:45
The connection feels forced – 04:10
You always fight about the same things – 04:34
They’ve lost interest in trying new things – 05:04
They are more annoyed than amused at your jokes – 05:26
They don’t acknowledge your efforts – 06:24
They’ve become more sarcastic – 06:44
Your partner doesn’t miss you – 07:15


They show a general lack of excitement: If your partner used to get excited about doing things together, but that spark seems to have faded.

They’ve stopped asking questions: When you’re with someone new, everything is fascinating.

They’re on their phone all the time: We are all guilty of looking at our phones too much, but when your partner is almost always engaged with their screen rather than with you, it’s a sign they're probably bored.

They don’t want to hang out with you: There’s really nothing wrong with hanging out with others even in a relationship.

You don’t have anything to talk about: When you first started, both of you communicated practically every day and maybe you spent hours talking about anything and everything.

They don’t want to connect with you physically: You can do a lot with friends, but in a relationship, there are certain activities exclusively done with your significant other.

The connection feels forced: Physical connection aside, when your partner is bored in your relationship, engaging on any level will feel like pulling teeth.

You always fight about the same things: When a disagreement arises, it takes hard work from both parties to address and correct.

They’ve lost interest in trying new things: How often do you and your partner try new things? If this desire to share new experiences has faded, it’s likely a sign that your significant other is bored.

They are more annoyed than amused at your jokes: When you first got into a relationship, everything about you amused your partner.

They don’t acknowledge your efforts: One of the pleasantries people in relationships enjoy are compliments.

They’ve become more sarcastic: Is everything you say accompanied by an ironic smirk or a sarcastic statement? Sometimes, it’s unintentional, but they can’t help responding with sarcasm because they are truly bored and feel disconnected.

Your partner doesn’t miss you: Usually, when you go three or more days without contacting each other, it’s normal for your partner to call up and check on you.

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