14 Warning Signs Your Liver Is Sending You

Did you know your liver contributes significantly to your overall health? It’s responsible for processing nutrients from your meals and washing out all the harmful toxins from your body. However, when your liver is not operating correctly, it will try to alert you in a variety of ways. It’s important you don’t disregard these clues, no matter how subtle they may be. In today’s video, we will discuss common liver damage symptoms and how to spot them.

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Intro – 0:00
You Have Dry Eyes Or Dry Mouth- 00:32
Your Urine Is Darker – 01:09
Aches and Pains – 01:48
You’re Getting Confused – 02:08
Prone To Bruises – 02:48
Breasts Become Larger – 03:11
You Lose Weight Unexpectedly – 03:44
Your Eyes and Skin Are Becoming Yellow – 04:25
You're Exhausted All the Time – 05:11
Your Sleeping Patterns Are Off – 05:28
Goosebumps – 05:52
Constant Bloating – 06:41
You Can’t Concentrate – 07:18
Your Palms Get Red – 07:33


You Have Dry Eyes Or Dry Mouth
There can be a variety of causes for dry eyes or dry mouth, ranging from your age to medications you're taking.

Your Urine Is Darker
Seeing darker pee in the toilet after using the restroom can be scary. It's also one of the tell-tale signs of liver disease.

Aches and Pains
You haven't been working out more than usual, so what's the deal with all this pain you’re feeling? This is once again thanks to PBC, which can cause bone, muscle, or joint discomfort in addition to itchy skin.

You’re Getting Confused
Now, there are plenty of reasons for confusion. Sometimes, you’re simply stressed out. Other times, it’s something much worse.

Prone To Bruises
As your skin thins out with age, your body may begin to bruise more easily. But if your body is bruising out of nowhere, it may be a sign of liver damage.

Breasts Become Larger
If you're a guy, swollen breasts are one of the most surprising warning signs of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

You Lose Weight Unexpectedly
If you’re committed to your workout routine, don’t be surprised if you shed some well-deserved weight.

Your Eyes and Skin Are Becoming Yellow
Seeing your eyes and skin turn yellow can be terrifying. But there is an explanation for this.

You're Exhausted All the Time
Have you been feeling tired recently, no matter what you do? It's possible that liver illness is to blame.

Your Sleeping Patterns Are Off
Not being able to sleep can have a terrible impact on your quality of life. Liver cirrhosis has been linked to a number of sleep disorders.

Are you constantly getting chills, even after putting a warm blanket over your body? It might be a sign of something called cholestasis (koh-luh-stasis), which happens during liver illness.

Constant Bloating
Bloating is a pretty common feeling after eating.

You Can’t Concentrate
Let's be honest, everyone has struggled with concentration at one point or another.

Your Palms Get Red
Sometimes, the worst red flag is redness itself.

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