14 Ways To Boost Your Emotional Health

From asking for help, finding your purpose, taking care of your physical health, accepting your mistakes to seeking balance and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Express yourself – 00:39
2. Ask for help – 01:03
3. Cultivate a positive mindset – 01:27
4. Remember your good points – 02:00
5. Find your purpose – 02:18
6. Be curious – 03:01
7. Understand your emotions – 03:19
8. Accept your mistakes – 03:43
9. Take Care Of Your Physical Health – 04:17
10. Manage your stress – 05:08
11. Practice self-compassion – 05:51
12. Seek balance – 06:18
13. Set small goals – 06:38
14. Practice Compassion – 07:06


1. Express yourself: Some people like to learn about the world, or escape to other places. Others like to express their feelings through art, some like talking things through with others. Whatever your style, make sure you express yourself. It will help you to stay connected, discover more about your identity, and the person you want to become.

2. Ask for help: How would you feel if a friend asked for advice or just wanted to talk things through? Many of us would be pleased and it might make us feel valued. When you are feeling low or anxious, it’s easy to think negatively about yourself and avoid support from others.

3. Create a positive mindset: While you may not always find yourself in a good situation, it’s always possible to see the positive. And there are steps you can take to create a positive mindset. People see real progress in their happiness when they make a mindset shift.

4. Remember your good points: No one is perfect. It can be easy to think that others are more talented, successful, and have more opportunities, when you are feeling low..

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