15 Reasons Why Crying Is Good For Your Mind And Body

Do you know that every little activity you perform on a daily basis impacts your body? What you eat, how long you sleep and every tear you shed. Most people are aware of how their body reacts to major activities, like exercising, but few are aware of how the body reacts when they cry. Hi viewers and welcome back to Bestie!

While you are generally concerned with the mental cause and effect of crying, you might not be aware of what it does to you physically. Tears are not always shed when a person is upset. They are your body's way of expressing and protecting itself. They affect your body in more ways than you can imagine.

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Intro – 0:00
Relieves stress – 00:48
Gets rid of toxins – 01:32
Your breathing pattern changes – 02:10
Helps you embrace your emotions and humanity – 02:43
Good for your eyes – 03:15
Improves your mood – 04:04
You get a lump in your throat – 04:25
Strengthens your bonds – 05:20
Your nose starts to run – 05:40
Heals grief – 06:20
Improves communication – 06:54
Lowers blood pressure – 07:32
Fights infection – 08:17
Gets the support you need – 08:33
Restores your emotional balance – 08:54


Relieves stress: Humans are the only species to weep from emotions, but scientists still don’t know exactly how the physical act of crying is connected to our feelings.

Gets rid of toxins: Studies have shown that tears help rid the body of unwanted toxins.

Your breathing pattern changes: Breathing is another noticeable aspect of our physiology that changes when we cry.

Helps you embrace your emotions and humanity: While the eyes of all mammals are moistened and soothed by tears, only human beings shed tears in response to emotional stress.

Good for your eyes: The biological function of tears is to keep the eye moist or protect it from fumes or debris.

Improves your mood: Many people associate crying with feeling sad. But in reality, crying can help improve your mood – emotional tears release stress hormones.

You get a lump in your throat: The sensation of a lump in the back of the throat is often a tell-tale sign of an impending cry sesh.

Strengthens your bonds: When we communicate through tears, we are revealing our own vulnerability.

Your nose starts to run: A runny nose is synonymous with sobbing. Yes, indulging in a good cry can get pretty messy.

Heals grief: If you have ever gone through the grieving process, you understand that it takes time to move through various stages.

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